NICE Specialty Areas 33

Categories contain groupings of cybersecurity work, which are called Specialty Areas. There were 31 specialty areas called out in National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework version 1.0 and 32 in National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework version 2.0. Each specialty area represents an area of concentrated work, or function, within cybersecurity and related work. In previous versions of the NICE Framework, tasks and KSAs were associated with each specialty area. KSAs and Tasks are now associated with the work roles.

NIST SP 800-181
Code Name Work Roles
OM-DTA Data Administration 2
OM-KMG Knowledge Management 1
OM-STS Customer Service and Technical Support 1
OM-NET Network Services 1
OM-ADM Systems Administration 1
OM-ANA Systems Analysis 1
OV-LGA Legal Advice and Advocacy 2
OV-TEA Training, Education, and Awareness 2
OV-MGT Cybersecurity Management 2
SP-RSK Risk Management 2
SP-DEV Software Development 2
SP-ARC Systems Architecture 2
SP-TRD Technology R&D 1
SP-SRP Systems Requirements Planning 1
SP-TST Test and Evaluation 1
SP-SYS Systems Development 2
OV-SPP Strategic Planning and Policy 2
OV-EXL Executive Cyber Leadership 1
OV-PMA Program/Project Management and Acquisition 5
PR-CDA Cybersecurity Defense Analysis 1
PR-INF Cybersecurity Defense Infrastructure Support 1
PR-CIR Incident Response 1
PR-VAM Vulnerability Assessment and Management 1
AN-TWA Threat Analysis 1
AN-EXP Exploitation Analysis 1
AN-ASA All-Source Analysis 2
AN-TGT Targets 2
AN-LNG Language Analysis 1
CO-CLO Collection Operations 2
CO-OPL Cyber Operational Planning 3
CO-OPS Cyber Operations 1
IN-INV Cyber Investigation 1
IN-FOR Digital Forensics 2